WOOHOO! Honey is here!

WOOHOO! Honey is here!

Today Becca went out to check on the bees, and we were in luck! We had added second and third honey supers to a few of our hives before we went to Atlanta, so we were pretty sure we’d be in for something good when we got home. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and very, very windy yesterday. That type of weather makes bees grumpy, aggressive, and generally very unpleasant to steal honey from. So we put it off a day.

Great decision! Today was perfect… a high of 78 degrees, a light breeze, and mostly sunny (at least, when Becca was out collecting). One of our hives offered up four frames, another gave us one, a third gave us ten! And that hive should be ready to harvest within the next two weeks! So that’s promising. We’e been waiting on a few slackers who have lots of comb but haven’t capped it yet. If you walk by the house, make sure you tell them politely to get to work.

We brought our frames inside, uncapped the comb, spun it in our honey centrifuge thinger-majigger, and put it into bottles. We had a lot of people put honey on reserve*, and we sell a lot of it at Corey Lake Orchards, so what you see in our online store is nowhere representative of what we harvested today (a total of 47 pounds! Or, 21.4 kg for those of you in the land of metric).

So feel free to shop – there’s more than honey available online – and get in touch with us if you need more than what’s online. Maybe we can help you out.


*A service we provide to the many magical friends, family members, and neighbors who have helped us out in our moments of need. Thank you all so much.

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